Blue Sky Zone


This is a self supporting musical crew popular go known for it’s song called Yalelo Ndiiyi produced by Mr Starsh from your favorite media house, Blackout MEDIA.
Blue Sky Zone as a crew, as been in existence for about 12years, but it became a complete musical crew early 2017 when they did there first popular song called UPGRADE, which featured an awesome artist known as Bobby Jay. It became more popular later in 2018 after featuring Deav Zambia and Jae Cash on songs called Hit you up and Toy Girl. It then started helping and promoting hard working upcoming artist by giving them free features on their songs, (e.g Nichitila Iwe song). This recording crew consist of four (4) members popularly known as,
Dasang (Mr Paize),
Nature bwoy Zambia,
Shadow, and
Kimz Kata Zambia. The hard working crew has an exciting type of music based on Afro pop and Dancehall music with an extra ordinary Zambian sound. Their style of art will get u to love their music in an instant of hearing it.
The crew has support from the locally based friends and familys. Management board member, Mr Money Moze has been supportive to the crew from its establishment until date.
With BLUE SKY ZONE, your support can change Zambian music to the best of its content.
For support and business deals contact its management on 0978872485 / 0968809515 or Email @, you can also follow Blue Sky Zone Page on Facebook.


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