Edward Kalonda ( Bizo Mr Celecele )


Bizo_Mr celecele whose real names are Edward Kalonda, born in the 1994 in the family of four boys and he happens to be the third born in the family. Bizo did his primary and junior secondary at Silver Rest basic school in chongwe, which he latter on went to Munali boys high school and complete his secondary level
Bizo_Mr celecele is a Lusaka based rapper who started his music journey at a very early age. The in interest of music started showing up in 2006 when he wrote his first song called ” babe bwala kuno”. And from their he continued writing and perfecting his lyrical skill, then latter in 2012 he formed a crew or group with his friends Reachy kizzy and Young Rudo called Race Ryderz and did his first ever studio project called, ” Look me behind” produced by Teddy boy. From their he did a couple of songs with the crew until 2015 when he went solo.
In 2016 he went solo and did a number of projects which include, Everything in 2016, Mbuyo yako in 2017, Mad over you in 2018 and in 2019 he dropped three songs namely; My calculator, Sign language, And his latest single called ” Letter to P-Jay”, which is the dedication to the late P-jay which is having an air play on radio over 20 radio station across Zambia.